ZeMarching into spring with the GRD Gals

Getting projects done this winter has been sketchie at best.  Work and family do sometimes get in the way, but procrastination is my main enemy.  “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can get done today” who said that?  Well it is true.  Another question,  can you teach an old dog new tricks or better yet new time management skills. 

Well I’m not sure but this 59 year old woman is going to try.  

Some of you know about the Get RR Done Society.  We are a group of women that get together once a month, to encourage and fortify one another, to complete those projects that have been sitting at home, tucked away in the garage or a drawer, I even have a couple in boxes under the bed.

  They are the quilt that has to be paper pieced, you know the one your husband wanted you to do.  Can you believe it, he won’t go into the quilt store ever ,  can’t understand what you do with all this material.  Then one year you are on vacation and he sees this beautiful quilt and says I want that one.  Really??

 The quilt that you bought for you sister,  pattern and material in that bag sitting in the corner,  of your sewing room.  You see it every day when you walk in,  it calls your name. “Debbi !  When  are you going to start working on me.”  “Soon” I say.  

Well that is my sewing room.  Several unfinished projects and when I say several I mean an easy 20.  At least that many in kits ready to go.  Then I work at the best quilt shop in The world or at least Arizon.   I see all the new fabric and patterns,  I am always in Squirrel mode.    🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

So many more I would like to do or design..  I hope that you like my ladies at the Get RR Done Society will join us in our monthly progress to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves.   Remember you don’t have to finish in a day.  Just start and we will work with you.  As you see what the ladies get done it will encourage you to Get RR Done.    We dont judge we just give each other support, Ideas and praise for our accomplishments  no matter how big or small.  👍

Now here are some pictures from our last meeting.

This group of pictures is Wanda.  She was asked by a friend to make a quilt from dresses made for her daughter by the grandmother.  Excellent job!!  One of Wanda’s favorite things to do is to hand embroider. 


Our ladies have many different projects Wanda R finished two Christmas quilts.  Donna finished this beautiful little quilt and she quilted it herself.   Jennifer has started a paper piecing project and she finished the bald eagles.  I gave here a little razzing because I’m terrible at paper ing.99

Three quilts finished by DeeAnne. Man these woman are putting me to shame.  Sandy finished her beautiful quilt.  I finished my flannel quilt top.   Off to the quilter it goes.


Top left is A beautiful quilt from Sue T.  She quilted this one herself also and used a poly batting to get the puffy effect.  Nancy finished by her Halloween Quilt.  She changed the pattern to include different appliqué patterns.  Fran is working on two different quilts right now one is an Arizona quilt using the row by row blocks from last year and the other is a feathered star using fabrics that represent her husband.  Jeannie finished her quilt top done in French general fabrics using a pattern by Me and My Sister Designs.

Kris found this embroidery piece.  She immediately thought it would look great on a jacket.  She added more embroidery to the jacket and it is perfect. 

So this is amazing.  Heather made a graph of her quilt. Where the blocks  go in the quilt and what kind of quilting that goes with it.


2 thoughts on “ZeMarching into spring with the GRD Gals

  1. Dixie

    Well Deb, I have to say I just listed my projects in a bag, my almost finished ptojects, seven day projects, current projects and last, my long term, probably won’t ever get them done projects (bc they have been on that list forever) and I came up with 22! That’s not counting two or three running around in my head. Too funny!

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